50 minutes | Jan 10, 2024

Episode 281: Joey Comunale

On Sunday, November 13, 2016, Pat Comunale worries about his son, 26-year-old Joey Comunale. Joey was supposed to arrive at his father’s house to watch football, but he never shows up. After a brief investigation, investigators discover that Joey has been brutally murdered by either 25-year-old Jimmy Rackover, 28-year-old Larry Dilione, or both. Jimmy and Larry, both affluent men with powerful friends, met Joey at a late night after party held in Jimmy’s New York City luxury apartment. Following a drug-fueled argument, Joey was brutally beaten and stabbed to death. After failing to dismember Joey’s body in Jimmy’s bathtub, Larry and Jimmy push Joey out of Jimmy’s penthouse’s fourth floor window onto the busy Manhattan sidewalk. To this day, Larry claims Jimmy dealt the final blow to Joey, while Jimmy claims the opposite. In episode 281, Alexis unravels the complicated politics, scandals, and accusations that shroud Joey Comunale’s murder in mystery.

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