42 minutes | Dec 27, 2023

Episode 279: Marie Buck

On Christmas Eve, 2016, an 81-year-old woman is shot dead at her family-owned business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The sudden and senseless slaying had an added layer of heartbreak, as the grocery store owner was a beloved community figure and familiar face known by everyone in the neighborhood. When it emerges that the victim wasn’t the target of the shooting this only adds to the confusion. But law enforcement quickly  learns the offender’s likely identity, coming to realise the killing is not just a matter of ‘wrong place, wrong time’, but also sadly a case of payback at any cost. In episode 279, Jac and Alexis detail the devastating murder of Marie Buck at the hands of Maurice Green, and how, when pride and the desire for revenge take hold, it can have tragic consequences that override one’s moral compass in irrevocable ways.

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