92 minutes | Mar 11, 2024

Michael B. Jordan: How to Connect with Your Intuition & Focus on Your Path

Do you want to learn how to connect with your intuition? 

Do you want to stay focused on your path? 

In a very special episode of On Purpose, Michael B. Jordan joins Jay for an open and honest conversation. Michael is a director, actor, and producer recognized as an industry leader. Michael recently reprised the role of Adonis Creed in CREED III, which had the biggest opening weekend for a CREED film and biggest domestic opening for a sports movie ever. 

In this insightful conversation, Michael sheds light into the nuances of our childhood and its lasting impact on our lives. He also talks about resilience and the importance of prioritizing family amidst the journey of life. Michael and Jay discuss the essence of intuition, authenticity, and purpose, empowering listeners to connect with their inner selves and forge meaningful paths forward.

There is strength in building your own team therefore it is important that we know how to pick our own people. The same goes for showing our authenticity at all times and creating safe spaces for ourselves and the people around us. It also matters that you do not hide behind false words and to always speak your truth. 

In this interview, you'll learn:

How to connect and develop your intuition
How to trust your own choices
How to be authentic
How to be truth to yourself and to others

Today, we will learn the value of shared goals, insightful stories, and guidance to inspire you to live with purpose, authenticity, and boundless potential. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Jay Shetty

What We Discuss:

00:00 Intro
04:39 Why Your Childhood Environment Matters
09:44 Family Over Everything
12:16 Never Stop Making Yourself Better
21:29 The Moments of Negativity
28:00 How to Connect with Your Intuition
31:17 This is Your Moment
34:05 The Right Things to Obsess Over
38:07 The Benefits of Sea Moss
43:23 How to Build Your Team
48:48 The Best Way to Bring People Together
54:52 How Do You Define Authenticity?
01:00:10 What is Your Purpose?
01:05:43 Finding Your Own Safe Space
01:09:33 Unapologetically Honest About Your Truth
01:13:31 Michael on Final Five

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