43 minutes | Mar 8, 2024

Jay & Radhi Answer Questions About Productivity Hacks, Using Your Energy Effectively, and How to Have Positive Self-Talk

This episode is brought to you by BMW, and the most requested guest is back again - Jay's wife, Radhi Devlukia! Jay and Radhi swap lives for a day in the all electric BMW ix. In this episode, Jay and Radhi take a road trip to the grocery store, where she challenges Jay to complete a grocery store run, where he is tasked to find the right ingredients for their favorite recipe, without her help.

There’s never a dull moment when Jay and Radhi are together - from their on-the-road Q&A, to their grocery store outing - they continue to provide laughs, insights, and meaningful wisdom. 

Tag along on this ride and join the challenges of modern day dating and find out who’s the most stubborn one between the two.

What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:18 Jay’s Stuffed Pepper Recipe in Radhi’s Cookbook
  • 02:03 If We Are in Carpool Karaoke 
  • 02:44 Difference Between Drivers in LA and London
  • 03:42 What Does it Mean to Be A Backseat Driver in Life?
  • 05:35 The Three People You Will Go on a Drive With
  • 08:43 Who Usually Leave the Car Lights On?
  • 09:52 Who’s Most Likely to Get Car Sick?
  • 10:29 Would You Need Maps to Navigate Between Places?
  • 11:02 Why Doesn’t Radhi Reply to Messages Right Away?
  • 12:57 First Line to Say When You Meet in a Party
  • 14:11 What’s Your Screen Time?
  • 15:10 Do You Have an Ick About Me?
  • 16:33 It’s Time to Buy Groceries!
  • 22:35 How Does It Feel When Someone Cook For You?
  • 23:56 How Do You Manage to Stay Productive Everyday?
  • 28:03 What Kind of a Party Person Are You?
  • 31:05 Living Conditions in Refugee Camps in the Old Days
  • 31:59 Leaving an Impact in the Community Your Serve
  • 37:02 Spending Time with Family in an Indian Wedding

To learn more about the all electric BMW iX head here https://bit.ly/jayshettyxbmwix 

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