46 minutes | Feb 23, 2024

2 Ways Your 'Icks' Are Ruining Your Dating Life & #1 Way to Date Better with Jared Freid and Jordana Abraham

How do your 'icks' affect your dating life?

And what's the ultimate key to better dating?

Today, Jay is sharing the conversation he had with Jared Freid and Jordana Abraham where he was being interviewed in their podcast, U Up?. The U Up? is a definitive modern dating podcast where they discuss their take on the ebbs and flows of the crazy dating world we live in.

Jay talks about a wide array of topics including the challenges of booking guests for new podcasts, the importance of preparing for important interviews, and his  unique approach to every show, offering listeners a diverse and enriching experience with each episode.

The conversation takes on a serious note when Jay talks about his take expressing anger, dealing with insecurities, and navigating the complexities of modern dating. Gain valuable insights into mindfulness practices and learn how to focus on the wins while amplifying the abundance of life.

In this interview, you'll learn:

  • How to deal with insecurities
  • How to become a better partner
  • How to change your mindset about dating

Truth be told, dating remains one of the challenging hurdles we go through in life but it is also one of the most rewarding when we find the right person to spend our life with.  

With Love and Gratitude,

Jay Shetty

What We Discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:43 Calming Positive Influence to Others
  • 03:29 The Competitive Aspect of Drinking Games
  • 05:26 The Difficulty of Booking Guests for New Podcasts
  • 07:05 Preparing for Important Guests
  • 08:54 Every Show Has a Unique Offering
  • 11:27 How Do You Express Anger and Hate?
  • 13:57 Did You Ever Felt Wrongfully Targeted?
  • 16:41 Did You Ever Block Anyone?
  • 19:58 What are the Biggest Mistakes About Dating Today?
  • 25:44 What’s Your Go-To First Date Activity?
  • 27:16 Working in the Same Industry with Your Partner 
  • 28:52 How Practicing Mindfulness Changes Your Mindset
  • 31:07 How Do You Deal with Insecurities?
  • 36:18 Focus on the Wins and Amplify the Abundance of Life
  • 38:26 Two Things I Look Forward To
  • 39:29 What’s Your Travel Pet Peeve?

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