82 minutes | Mar 15, 2024

#1 Way to Find Confidence Within When You Have Low Self- Esteem with Victoria Jackson

Today, let's welcome to the On Purpose podcast cosmetics entrepreneur, medical research trailblazer, and Women’s Hall of Fame inductee, Victoria Jackson. Victoria founded the global powerhouse brand Victoria Jackson Cosmetics where she irrevocably altered the beauty landscape with her creation of the “No Makeup” makeup aesthetic. She and her husband, Bill Guthy—founder of the marketing behemoth Guthy-Renker—established The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation to fund research on NMO treatments and a potential cure. 

Victoria shares her lifelong experiences, from the anxiety of feeling different to the profound questions about our existence and the roles we play in this world. She opens up about the darkest day in her life as well as the trials of transforming passion into a successful enterprise. These stories aren't just about overcoming; they're about thriving, giving hope to those striving to make a meaningful impact in their lives and the lives of others, especially when facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

How to stay resilient in the most difficult circumstances

How to move on from trauma

How to turn passion into a career

How determination can change lives

Why we never stop learning

The episode is a beacon for anyone seeking to make sense of life's complexities, offering insights into building relationships, handling adversity, and finding one's calling. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Jay Shetty

What We Discuss:

00:00 Intro

04:38 I Always Felt That I’m Different

05:51 We’re All Trying to Figure Out the World

06:38 What Were You Most Anxious Of?

08:55 What is My Purpose?

11:29 Love for Teaching and Sharing Knowledge

13:58 Trust the Process and Have Patience for Yourself

17:13 “The Night I Nearly Lost My Life” 

23:13 How Do You Overcome Trauma

25:04 “I Wanted to Give Women Hope”

27:42 Transforming Passion to a Successful Business

32:32 Navigating Relationship Can Be Challenging

35:56 “My Daughter Had Four Years to Live”

39:54 Prove It To Them That You Can Do It

42:39 The Biggest Roadblocks in Healthcare

47:37 How Do You Survive Difficult Situations?

49:48 Finding Cure For Alli

53:21 Going Against All Odds

55:00 Finding Answers and Taking Actions

57:48 Victoria on Final Five

01:03:11 It’s Hard to Get People to Pay Attention

01:06:43 Download the NMO Resources App

01:09:13 Strategic Allocation of Funds

01:10:32 You Just Have to Find a Way

Episode Resources:

Victoria's latest book, "We All Worry, Now What?" is now available for pre-order on Amazonhttps://www.amazon.com/All-Worry_Now-What-Victoria-Jackson/dp/1595911324

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