127 minutes | Jan 11, 2023

Tortured By Your Kids w/ Tom Papa | Your Mom's House Ep.690


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Pull those jeans up because Tim and Kristin are back in the Mommy Dome and they still refuse to use wash cloths. Christina can read Tom's body better than Tom as we get into brown talk, we open the show with a cool opening clip,  and the mommies share their contempt for people who drink as a hobby. Christina proposes some Would You Rathers and they discuss the stinkiest people in their lives.

We then welcome standup comedian and podcaster Tom Papa! Check out his new special "What a Day" on Netflix! They talk about growing up, freak athletic strength, head shots and working as a comedian. The Mommies and Papa trade stories about their kids, quality gift giving, don't save things for special occasions, and we see Christina's latest curation of TikToks featuring snakes, piercings, and PCOS.






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