125 minutes | Dec 21, 2022

Don't Ask Me That! w/ Chad Daniels | Your Mom's House Ep.687

Did You Miss YMH Live, A Very Cool Christmas?! Don't worry! You can still watch it at https://ymhstudios.com/rentals


DON’T BE A LOSER!! This week, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss the Royal Family, the Department of Energy official/pup play enthusiast who was fired for stealing women’s luggage, “Wednesday” and goth culture, the National Enquirer article on Garth’s serial killer rumors, and Tom’s 2 Bears rant. They watch videos of a cool girl, revisit Dani’s famous “Hey Hitler” video, watch a bunch of Dan Pena clips, and see a video of a super cool pet coyote. Tom also issues a challenge to Erie, PA weatherman David Wolter, and the Main Mommies announce that there’s a new show coming to YMH Studios with Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler!


Comedian Chad Daniels joins Todd and Christine to discuss taping two different specials on the same night, dealing with hecklers, and why he can’t stand being put on the spot. Jean and Jean run him through “Horrible or Hilarious” clips as well as Christina’s TikTok curations.






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