110 minutes | Nov 30, 2022

684 - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

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Welcome back to the Mommy Dome with Tom Segura and Christina P! We take a stroll down memory lane with cool guys and cool parents. We open the show with cool announcements, review some cool vroom vrooms, and Mike Pence calling his wife “Mother.” Tom shows us one of the saddest things to come from the hurricane, we see a cool campaign video, and Christina shares a Pazsitzky Effect related to browning, and we learn about “R” Plates. We try to check in with Kiersten again about her teeth, Tom shares some upsetting videos with Christina, and discuss the talent that came from In Living Color. We then take a look at an intense cool guy and wrap up with a HUGE batch of upsetting TikToks.






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