119 minutes | Oct 19, 2022

678 - Steve-O - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

To get Steve-O's new book or to see him perform comedy, go to https://www.steveo.com/


Welcome back to the Mommy-Dome with Tom Segura and Christina P! We start the episode with admiring Tom's new hair transplant, a cool guy not a fan of American women, and we try to connect with that lady with bad teeth! Then Tom talks about how much he loves the Netflix show on Jeffrey Dahmer, shares some cool artwork of Garth Brooks, and we talk about the Baldwin's 7th child!

We then welcome back stuntman, podcaster and comedian, Steve-O! Steve-O talks about what it was like to to film Jackass Forever, a stunt he's been upset about for over 10 years, and writing his new book. Steve-O then talks about CTE, aging gracefully and all the stunts that got him banned from certain places! We then wrap up with showing him Horrible or Hilarious clips and Christina's TikTok curations.






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