144 minutes | Sep 21, 2022

674 - Google A.I. Engineer (Blake Lemoine) - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura

Welcome back to the Mommydome with Tom Segura and Christina P! This week we discuss banging your siblings' friends, a super cool Aussie being interviewed for the news and the Armie Hammer documentary.They discuss The Big Conn on Apple TV, Tom racing cars, and a British man possessed by FedSmoker harassing the neighborhood. The mommies talk about fantasy scenarios, the longest hiccup ever, and the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth.

We then welcome former artificial intelligence engineer at Google, Blake Lemoine. Blake recently had a public departure from Google for claiming the artificial intelligence software, LaMDA, was becoming sentient. Blake talks about what an artificial intelligence software is, Microsoft's Tay Bot which became racist after interacting with Twitter trolls, and what could cause an AI rebellion. Blake explains why Google turned on him and how LaMDA's personality formed. We then learn Blake is a Cajun from Lafayette, Louisiana and introduce him to Unk Shine. Blake shares what it was like to be written about in newspapers, what it's like to be an employee at Google, and how racism is rampant in Silicon Valley. Blake talks about internet privacy, and then we introduce him to some Horrible or Hilarious and Christina’s insane curation of TikToks.






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