113 minutes | Sep 14, 2022

673 - Sam Morril - Your Mom's House with Christina P and Tom Segura


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It's the most high and tight day of the Mom week! On this episode, Tom Segura and Christina P talk about the port-a-potty situation they're dealing with, Brad Pitt's cool nicknames, and meeting Gene Simmons from Kiss.

We then welcome podcaster and stand up comedian, Sam Morril! Go check out his new Netflix special "Same Time Tomorrow" streaming RIGHT NOW! Sam and the mommies discuss consuming adult videos at a young age, being able to make something funny on stage, Magic Johnson's Instagram account, and all the celebrity wives that stayed with their husbands after their controversies went public. They talk about an episode of Law and Order SVU that Sam inspired, Tom reports on super cool CEO Dan Price, and Sam talks about getting attacked on stage. Tom talks about a charismatic waiter he had over the weekend who faked being Italian, we revisit some fun stuff from Kevin Samuels, and Sam talks about his new podcast "Games with Names" that he co-hosts with Julian Edelman. They trade stories about drinking when they were younger, the mommies share some of their kids latest shenanigans, we learn how some of our dating preferences make us terrible people, we learn about each state's preferences for cool videos, and we see what Unk Shine has been up to.






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