52 minutes | May 29, 2023

How to Turn Your Art into a Career | Sandra Lucia Diaz

Episode 215 talks about how to turn your art into a career, featuring Sandra Lucia Diaz. Listen now!

Lucia Diaz is first generation Colombian-American and the Founder of LUCIA DIAZ, a Latina-owned business that empowers and honors Latinas through high-quality Illustrations. Lucia's artworks are created with the goal of providing cultural representation and pride so that mujeres poderosas, can see themselves represented in the world.

She's also the podcast host of The Art of Latina Representation podcast. Her mission is to empower and inspire Latinas and people of color by sharing their stories and experiences that reflect their values. She connects listeners to Latina and POC leaders who share their journeys, encouraging listeners to show up authentically as entrepreneurs and leaders in various industries. Her podcast provides guidance and real talk to help navigate one's entrepreneurial journey.

You can follow Lucia on InstagramFacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTubePinterest and her website.

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