56 minutes | Apr 20, 2023

How to Sell Your Services to Other Businesses | Victoria Jenn Rodriguez | Dare to Leap Academy

Episode 208 talks about how to sell your services to other businesses, featuring Victoria Jenn Rodriguez. Listen now! 

Victoria Jenn Rodriguez is a Master Mindset + Business Consultant, Media Personality, and acclaimed international Keynote Speaker.

As a strategic visionary thinker with 20+ years of experience, she has trained over 15,000 leaders and entrepreneurs on how to optimize performance while maintaining a focus on emotional intelligence, reflection, and life balance. The press often refers to Victoria Jenn as an "Imposter Syndrome Killah" with significant results across industries worldwide.

She is the Founder of the Dare to Leap Academy, an online learning platform where ambitious women come to get unstuck, and make the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, without losing their financial security. She also is the Head Coach inside the Women Who Roar Club, a group coaching experience that helps professionals and entrepreneurs build their confidence, overcome imposter syndrome, and own their power without losing their authenticity.

Victoria Jenn is the host of Victoria Jenn TV on YouTube, home of the wildly popular Series "Women Who Roar" that has garnered over 4MM+ downloads. Given her passion for diversity & inclusion, she spotlights professionals of color who have achieved success by remaining authentically true to who they are and also shares mindset and business advice on the channel.

You can follow Victoria Jenn on InstagramFacebookTwitter & LinkedIn. Enroll is Victoria's free training here.

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