61 minutes | Feb 20, 2023

How to Level Up Your Life featuring Vero, Cecy & Irene | Level Up Latina

Episode 198 talks about how to level up your life, featuring Vero, Cecy & Irene of Level Up Latina. Listen now! 

Vero, Cecy, and Irene are three first-gen Latina coaches & podcast hostsLevel Up Latina  offers women the gritty guidance to achieve financial success, worthwhile career leaps and fierce self-love. They do this guilt-free against a system designed to keep Latinas grossly underpaid and often underestimated.

Their mission is to partner with women and mommas alike to guide them in achieving fulfilling career and life goals through financial empowerment, professional or leadership coaching, and personal wellness with 1:1 coaching, community Guilt-Free Squad, and workshops.

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