30 minutes | Mar 27, 2023

How to Get a Mortgage as a Self-Employed Person | Jose Tejada | Guaranteed Rate Inc

Episode 204 discusses how to get a mortgage as a self-employed person, featuring Jose Tejada. Listen now! 

Jose studied Business Administration at California State University Northridge and has been in the financial industry for 20 years. Having held many positions in the field of banking for the last 11 years, Jose worked in the mass affluent segment in the Private Banking division of a global bank. Although enthusiastic about financial planning and wealth strategy, his main passion has always been in lending and debt structure.

Jose enjoys taking on the challenge of complicated transactions and often succeeds where others are not able to. Jose is a teacher by nature and annually delivers various lectures to high school age youth about financial literacy. He sits on the Board of Managers at the Mid-Valley YMCA, Para Los Ninos, and on the Advisory Board for the Adel-ante Young Men Conference.

Jose's expertise is in lending, wealth planning and financial education.

You can follow Jose on InstagramFacebookLinkedInYouTube & Twitter. You can email Jose at jose.tejada@rate.com

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