49 minutes | Mar 5, 2023

"Secret White People Money" and Financial Voyeurism with Hannah Rimm

In this episode of Weird Finance, Paco talks to writer and editor Hannah Rimm about our collective love of reading how other people spend their money, privilege, how generational wealth is secretly passed down, and what makes a good money diary. 

Hannah Rimm is a writer and editor in New York City. Currently, she is Senior Editor at Refinery29, writing and editing lifestyle, wellbeing, and work & money content. She also leads Refinery29’s biggest franchise, Money Diaries. Previously, she worked as a freelance writer, Social Media Copywriter and Producer at WNYC Studios, and as the Marketing Manager at GKIDS, an Academy Award-nominated arthouse distribution company. Beyond R29, Hannah has been featured in Women’s Health, Allure, Bustle, HelloGiggles, Healthline, Autostraddle, and more.  

Hannah holds a B.A. in Film and Psychology from Wesleyan University, where she graduated with Honors.

Also, this episode also features The Economic Outlook with financial astrologer Susan Gidel. This is a short segment where Susan, our resident economic cosmonaut, does what many humans have done before us for thousands of years: she looks to the stars to try to understand our economic present and predict our financial futures. 

A special thanks to the talented and generous Ramsey Yount, for producing, editing, and sound designing this episode. Thank you to my new friends, Samantha McVey and Anney Reese, the hosts of the Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast, for lending us their voices. The theme music was written and performed by Andrew Paker, Jenna Parker, and Paco de Leon.

Please enjoy!

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