71 minutes | May 7, 2023

Financial Planning for Artists by an Artist with Jay Handy

In this episode of Weird Finance, Paco talks to Jay Handy about how we value art, having a meditation practice, starting an asset management firm, how art and investing intersect, art as an asset class, and the intrinsic value of art in our lives.

Jay Handy has his MFA from the Lesley College of Art and Design and is an alum of Harvard Business School. He co-founded SignalPoint Asset Management, where he has been a financial advisor and senior portfolio strategist for 15 years and counting. Having personal experience with the power of support for overcoming hardship, Handy has volunteered with organizations to benefit causes such as reducing health and economic barriers to success. Handy was the president of The Odyssey Project and the founder of the Diabetes and Sports Foundation.

Jay has built an international art career as a printmaker, with exhibitions in England, Greece, Spain, Italy, and India and his art publication in the Brazilian magazine Revista Literária Pixé, and included in prestigious exhibitions like the Florence Biennale.

This episode also features a segment called Stock Watch with Amanda Holden . In this segment, we’ll follow a stock-picking competition between a dog named Henry, a cat named Hugo, and a human baby. If you’d like to learn more about investing from Amanda, sign up for her online course, Invested Development.

A special thanks to the talented and generous Ramsey Yount for producing, editing, and sound designing this episode. 

Thank you to Jenna Parker and Gabe Sena for lending your voices for our special PSA.

The theme music was written and performed by Andrew Parker, Jenna Parker, and Paco de Leon.

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