47 minutes | Mar 19, 2023

Financial Astrology and the Air Economy with Susan Gidel

In this episode of Weird Finance, Paco talks with Financial Astrologer Susan Gidel about how being a sixth-generation farmer has played a role in her work in economics and astrology, what exactly financial astrology is, understanding how it applies to the financial markets. Finally, Susan explains her predictions on the air economy.

Susan Abbott Gidel specializes in financial astrological market research and publishing. She also provides astrological consulting to help people succeed financially in career, business, investments, and trading.

After 35 years in the commodity futures business as a journalist and brokerage firm marketing executive, Susan combined that market knowledge with her passion for astrology to specialize in financial astrology.

In 2018, Susan published “Trading In Sync With Commodities—Introducing Astrology To Your Technical Toolbox.” She publishes “Red Letter Trading Days,” a newsletter that alerts traders and investors to important astrological energy. She is working on a new book about how to use financial astrology in everyday life.

This episode also features a segment called Ask Paco Anything. Thank you to our anonymous caller for their question about retirement. If you’d like to ask a question, call our hotline at 833-ASK-PACO or email your question to weirdfinancepod@gmail.com.

Thanks to the talented and generous Ramsey Yount for producing, editing, and sound designing this episode.

Thank you to Jenna Parker and Gave Sena for lending your voices for our special PSA about bank scams.

The theme music was written and performed by Andrew Parker, Jenna Parker, and Paco de Leon.

Please enjoy!

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