45 minutes | Apr 9, 2023

Building a Dog Grooming Empire with Jess Rona

In this episode of Weird Finance, Paco talks to business owner, dog groomer, actor, and creative professional Jess Rona about how she went from bathing dogs at PetSmart to building a burgeoning dog grooming business, becoming a celebrity groomer, taking financial risks, believing in yourself, and the power of an online and in-person social network.

Jess Rona is an actress and comedian that has turned her day job as a dog groomer into a successful and adorable brand called Jess Rona Grooming.

This episode also features Loose Change, a short segment with Chris Laughter, where he walks up to random strangers on the street to ask them their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about how we relate to money and one another. This week we’re exploring if it’s taboo to talk about money.

A special thanks to the talented and generous Ramsey Yount, for producing, editing, and sound designing this episode. Thank you my new friends, Samantha McVey and Anney Reese, the hosts of the Stuff Mom Never Told You Podcast, for lending us their voices for our special PSA.

The theme music was written and performed by Andrew Parker, Jenna Parker, and Paco de Leon.

Please enjoy!

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