2 minutes | Jul 15, 2022

Introducing: Facing Evil - from Tenderfoot TV and iHeart Radio

Tenderfoot TV's first weekly true crime series is here, and it includes some familiar voices!

Back in 2019, sisters Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile revealed the true story of their dark family history in the hit podcast Root of Evil. In that show, the sisters traced their family in connection with infamous Black Dahlia murder case.

Now, Pecoraro and Gentile are back with Facing Evil, a new weekly true crime show which focuses on different but equally resonant stories. The sisters will discuss new cases each week and seek to apply the lessons of healing they’ve learned in their quest to overcome generational trauma.

From the creators of Atlanta Monster and Up and Vanished, Facing Evil is available no! Prodcued by Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio. For more info visit www.facingevilpod.com.

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