12 minutes | Nov 17, 2022

From Come As You Are with Dr. Emily Nagoski: Pleasure is The Measure

Today, I’m sharing a preview of a new podcast I’m enjoying and think you will, too. On Come As You Are, educator and bestselling author Dr. Emily Nagoski answers questions about sex with the latest science. You’ll get a modern guide to sexual wellbeing, backed by groundbreaking research about desire, anatomy, orgasm and much more. In conversation with her producer, Emily debunks cultural myths and flips the script on everything you thought you knew about sex and sexuality. In this preview, Emily is joined by organizer and writer Adrienne Maree Brown for advice on how to reconnect with pleasure and make it a lifelong practice. Listen to Come As You Are at Listen at https://podcasts.pushkin.fm/caya?sid=unladylike. 

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