56 minutes | Dec 26, 2023

TBG U: Navigating Helicopter Parents

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted into the inaugural class of Therapy for Black Girls University. Whether you’re packing for a new year on campus, thinking through your gap year, enrolling in a community college, or grabbing your stoles for graduation, TBG U is here to help you thrive at this stage of your life and beyond.

Winter Break has either commenced or is about to commence at most universities. If you’re a student, then you know that the transition of having your own dorm room and being able to go out whenever you want to coming home and having a curfew can be a rough experience. For this month’s episode, I wanted to put together a roundtable discussion with other college students to affirm and share our own experiences navigating our relationships with our loved ones in college.

Today's episode is titled Navigating Helicopter Parents. 

What's a helicopter parent? A helicopter parent is a parent who pays very close attention to their child's experiences and problems, especially at educational institutions.

Joining me for this discussion are Zoe Rose and Heaven Holloway. Zoe is a junior Journalism Major and English Minor attending Hampton University. She currently works as a writer for HER Campus. Heaven is a current grad student earning her Master’s of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. She recently graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in African American Studies. 

In our conversation today, we lament the woes of having helicopter parents, provide tips for students trying to set healthy boundaries with their caregivers, and share some of the upsides of having an involved parent. 


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