49 minutes | May 8, 2023

Royals Tea pt. 2 with Alyssa McKay, Nick Cafero & Chris Cafero

Let's be real, that season finale was shocking, to say the least. Lucky us, because we have Reed, Easton, and Ella here to discuss that jaw-dropping finale and much much more. We're joined by actors Alyssa McKay , Nick Cafero , and Chris Cafero . And don't surf too far away because The Royals of Malibu returns with Season 2 very soon.

The Royals of Malibu is a production of Diversion Audio. This episode was produced and directed by Emma DeMuth. Editing, Sound Design, and Engineering by Antonio Enriquez and Emma DeMuth. Theme Music by Eric Zeiler. Executive Producers for Diversion Audio: Jacob Bronstein, Mark Francis and Scott Waxman. Executive Producers for Pod People: Rachael King and Matt Sav.

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