106 minutes | Oct 15, 2020

Troll 2 - The Drink-A-Long

Oh listeners, it will be wonderful. We do a full on drinking-game-listen-along to Troll 2 with rules and everything. It's our favorite place to revisit, NILBOG!, and we want yall to come with. Even if you can't watch the movie, we promise you'll have a blast. THE TROLL 2 DRINKING RULES: Drink everytime you witness 1) Confusing Vegetarian Logic 2) NOT American Dialogue 3) Chunky Exposition 4) Crazy Eyes 5) Weird Food/MILK 6) The Boys Talkin' Bout Ladies 7) High School Performance 8) FUnny Long Face Goblin 9) Actually Good Special FX 10) Anytime someone says "Joshua" .... ENJOY! and safe drinking!
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