58 minutes | Feb 15, 2023

The Ohio Train Disaster: A Tale of Corporate Greed and Civil War-Era Brakes

A freight train derailed in Ohio and released a mushroom cloud of toxic chemicals—so why has the media buried this story? This week, we’re breaking down the shocking but predictable conditions that led to this accident, how rail companies have chosen profits over safety, and what regulatory changes should be made to avoid a mess like this again. Our guests are Julia Rock, reporter at The Lever; Matt Weaver, Ohio legislative director for BMWED-IBT and member of the Railroad Workers United ISC; and Julie Grant, managing editor and senior reporter for The Allegheny Front. We’re also joined by writers Alexa Lofus and Henrik Blix, who share their thoughts on alien encounters and America’s new policy of shooting random things out of the sky.

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Hosted by: Jon Stewart

Featuring, in order of appearance: Alexa Loftus, Henrik Blix, Matt Weaver, Julia Rock, and Julie Grant

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