67 minutes | May 3, 2022

Oh, Jonathan! A We Are The Gayers bonus episode

Welcome to a very special bonus episode, where you all get to listen to our Patreon-only Buffy podcast, We Are The Gayers! If you like what you hear, consider joining our patreon! This episode is about BTVS S4E17, Superstar. In which: Anya makes a great pun, Jonathan is the hero of this whole season, everyone makes some Choices when it comes to outfits, and so much more! Read to the bottom of this description for links to all the outfits in question. This week’s interstitial music is Semi-charmed Life by Third Eye Blind Join our Patreon at patreon.com/thegaylyprophet You can preorder Under the Bed Tarot at hashtagruthless.com/shop Find out everything you want to know, and buy our merch at hashtagruthless.com Like this podcast? Check out our Simon Snow podcast, EsGAYpe From Reality! Follow us on social media: instagram.com/thegaylyprophet twitter.com/thegaylyprophet Intro Music credit: Stay The Course by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5048-stay-the-courseLicense: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/-Edited from the original- Here’s the collage, complete with mountain lion: https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/albums/Season%204/Buffy%20the%20Vampire%20Slayer%20Episode%2017%20Superstar/BtVS_S4_E17_0762.jpg And here are most of the outfits we discussed: https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/displayimage.php?album=73&pid=56538 https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/displayimage.php?album=73&pid=58180 https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/displayimage.php?album=73&pid=58677 https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/displayimage.php?album=73&pid=57372 https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/displayimage.php?album=73&pid=57256 https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/displayimage.php?album=73&pid=58643 https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/displayimage.php?album=73&pid=59774 https://kissthemgoodbye.net/BuffytheVampireSlayer/displayimage.php?album=73&pid=58409
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