59 minutes | Jan 26, 2023

The Popcorn Sweats (with Kalyn Kahler)

The Athletic’s Kalyn Kahler joins Drew and Roth to talk about the winners of last week’s games charging forward into the NFL championship games and the losers who have a lot of bad feelings to deal with. But this leaves plenty of opportunity to discuss how your brain can make garbage smell like candy, if anyone on the Eagles has beef with Kalyn, and who in sports media does and does not have subscriptions to the Athletic. And as always, Guy of the Week and the Funbag!



Articles We Talked About

- https://theathletic.com/4118977/2023/01/23/dallas-cowboys-season-playoffs/

- https://theathletic.com/4095518/2023/01/17/nfl-assisting-the-runner-qb-sneak-jalen-hurts-eagles

- https://defector.com/what-did-the-bengals-know-about-jackson-carman

- https://theathletic.com/4002003/2022/12/16/aaron-rodgers-packers-rookies/

- https://awfulannouncing.com/nfl/pat-mcafee-aaron-rodgers-discussion.html




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About The Show

From Defector Media: Former Deadspin writers Drew Magary and David Roth should really stick to sports. Sure, their new indie sports podcast will break down the week in sports: the Mets grounding into quadruple plays, NBA players getting testy on the court and horny on Instagram, Bill Belichick cutting 80% of his roster just to keep himself interested, horrifying takes from sports talk radio that need to be broken down, etc. But these two men and their guests will have their fair share of off-the-field issues they’ll also have to address: stupid Funbag questions, bad tweets from bad people, pointless food arguments, and even less. Every week is a VERY long week these days. We could all use a little Distraction. Head to defector.com for more info.

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