18 minutes | Jun 9, 2023

Moment 113 - Why You're Not Having Sex & How To Get It Back: Jay Shetty

If you go onto social media or talk with friends it seems that everyone is having sex, however if you look at the statistics it seems that sex is at an all time low. In this moment, ex-monk and relationship guru, Jay Shetty discusses why there is a rise in sexless relationships and marriages, going for months or even years without sexual intimacy. To bring back sex, Jay says that we need to regain intimacy in relationships, through open and honest conversations, as sex is a byproduct of connection and intimacy, rather than a source of it. Listen to the full episode here - https://g2ul0.app.link/QyDqNAoUsAb Watch the Episodes On Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/%20TheDiaryOfACEO/videos Jay: https://jayshetty.me https://www.instagram.com/JayShetty/

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