96 minutes | May 1, 2023

E243: The Scary New Research On Sugar & How They Made You Addicted To It! Jessie Inchauspé

In this new episode Steven sits down with the French biochemist and bestselling author Jessie Inchauspé. After an accident that resulted in Jessie breaking her back when she was 19 years old, Jessie became interested in the ways to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Jessie followed this passion in her career, working as a product lead at the genetic health start up 23andMe. In 2019, Jessie started the @glucosegoddess instagram account, which shared data from her experiments with a continuous glucose monitor. These experiments looked at the impact that various foods had upon her glucose levels and the subsequent affects on her physical and mental health. In 2022, Jessie published her bestselling book, ‘Glucose Revolution’ . In this conversation Jessie and Steven discuss topics, such as: The life changing accident that made Jessie realise the importance of good health Why Jessie focused on glucose as a measurement for health The impact that controlling your glucose can have upon your health and wellbeing How out of control glucose levels can damage both your mental and physical health The hacks that you can use to maintain steady glucose levels Jessie is the author of the new book, ‘The Glucose Goddess Method’, which you can purchase here: https://bit.ly/41M9enc Follow: Instagram: https://bit.ly/3n89Pkg Our question cards waiting list: https://bit.ly/3ZzQfKz Watch the episodes on Youtube - https://g2ul0.app.link/3kxINCANKsb Follow: Instagram: http://bit.ly/3nIkGAZ Twitter: http://bit.ly/3ztHuHm Linkedin: ⁠https://bit.ly/41Fl95Q⁠ Telegram: http://bit.ly/3nJYxST Sponsors: Zoe: ⁠http://joinzoe.com with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Huel: ⁠https://g2ul0.app.link/G4RjcdKNKsb⁠ Wework: https://we.co/3PgoB1M

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