38 minutes | Aug 4, 2021

The Ding Ding, by Judith Pancoast

A Dark Tome exclusive short story reading of The Ding Ding, written and read by Judith Pancoast.

It's the 1970s. A teenager accepts a babysitting job with a strange family because she's dying to scrape up a few bucks to buy records. But this job will prove the strangest she's ever taken when a haunted "Ding Ding" turns up in the middle of the night.

Judith Pancoast is a Grammy-nominated musician and writer born and brought up in Waterville, Maine. Her stories have appeared in the new Journal of the Horror Writers of Maine, Northern Frights, and a third was published in the summer edition of the Scary Snippets anthology. Judith is now a proud member of the Horror Writers Association

Sound design and music by Carter Wogahn. And featuring the sound of 'haunted ice cream truck' Fred has been dying to put into a production for the better part of 8 years...

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