43 minutes | Feb 9, 2022

“You Just Gotta Move Those Hips” with Antonio Gates

Another week, another dynamite episode of The Bellas Podcast!


This week Nikki & Brie are joined by Chargers legend Antonio Gates, who also happens to be Brie’s dancing partner on “The Real Dirty Dancing.”


First, Nikki & Brie open up with a review of their hectic week of family, fun, and vineyards. The Bellas had their brother JJ in town and went on a tasting tour of Napa with some great stops along the way and some new friendships.


Then in a shocking development, Sister Sunday was almost canceled, but it was saved at the last minute when one of The Bellas committed to the tradition and made the decision to call a babysitter so the ritual could continue.


Then Nikki & Brie introduce us to an exciting new game, “Buzzin’ with the Bellas!” A drinking game with astonishing results for the audience. The Bellas face-off as they give illuminating answers to absurd questions and knock back a few glasses of wine.


Antonio Gates was named to 8 Pro-Bowls and 5 All-Pro teams during his 16-year NFL career on the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers, and you’ll know instantly what made him a great teammate on the field when he talks to Nikki & Brie about his approach to building an incredible career on the field and in the locker room.


He breaks down his method to getting the most out of Brie as a dance partner on “The Real Dirty Dancing,” if he’d ever consider being an NFL coach, how he used the competition to learn to be a better dancer, experiencing breakthroughs, and his Super Bowl prediction.


Watch Brie and Antonio on “The Real Dirty Dancing” Tuesday nights on Fox 9/8c.


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