42 minutes | Jan 26, 2022

The Icon Herself: Trish Stratus

The Icon herself, Trish Stratus, joins Nikki & Brie to talk about her WWE legacy and some exciting news!


First, Nikki & Brie open things up with a double shot of terrific news; Nikki & Brie's new TV shows were announced.


Nobody puts Brie in a corner, but they do put her on a nationally televised show! Brie gave us some insight into filming "The Real Dirty Dancing," a new reality dance competition on Fox! Tune in Tuesday, Feb. 1 on FOX to see Brie have the time of her life!


Nikki continues to dominate the airwaves when she pulls up a chair at the judge's table later this year on "AGT: Extreme!" She'll have the power to hit the Golden Buzzer for some of the most amazing and incredible performers that are too intense for any other television show. "AGT: Extreme" premieres Monday, Feb. 21!


Then The Bellas welcome this week's guest, the badass trailblazer herself, Trish Stratus!


Trish gives her thought on this weekend's Royal Rumble, telling us who she's keeping an eye on, with inside information on one specific competitor. And when asked if we might see her in the ring with Nikki & Brie this weekend, she gave a VERY interesting answer.


Trish is also a judge on the upcoming season of "Canada's Got Talent," so she and Nikki have had some very similar experiences sitting at the judges' table.


Nikki & Brie also get some mom advice from Trish, mother of two, after some remote learning adventures, unicorn birthday parties, and her philosophy to keeping things simple for the kids. There's also a surprise appearance by Trish's kids, Madi and Max!


There's always time for games on The Bellas Podcast, too! But two games? That's what happens when you have two hosts! First up, it's Where In The World Was Trish Stratus! Nikki & Brie ask Trish about some of her amazing adventures across the world and what she remembers from her tremendous WWE career. Then to change things up, we get some sound advice from Trish when The Bellas play Social Stratus with Trish and help guide some listeners through some awkward times with a little Hall of Fame advice.


Then Trish shares some of the wisdom that guided her to seven WWE Women's Championships and the status of Icon when she shares her Inspiration & Affirmation.


Follow Trish on Instagram and check her out on "Canada's Got Talent!"


For more on The Real Dirty Dancing on Fox and AGT: Extreme on NBC!


And cheer for Nikki & Brie this Saturday night when they get back in the ring at the 30-Woman Royal Rumble in St. Louis, Missouri, at the Dome at America's Center! We'll have a full recap from Nikki & Brie next week!


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