44 minutes | May 11, 2022

Storms & Rainbows

Nikki & Brie catch up after a hectic weekend that saw them experience very different weekends.


Nikki had a difficult time moving into her new house after some unexpected bumps after a great work trip to Nashville. Acknowledging that her people-pleasing ways might have created a frantic moving experience, Nikki has vowed to stick up for herself and her family without hesitation moving forward. But Nikki is flowing freely now after some clarity and cleansing. Now there’s nothing but sunny days ahead for Nikki and her family.


Brie’s weekend trip to Anaheim to celebrate Birdie’s fifth birthday was a great trip, but it wasn’t flawless either. But motion sickness, cranky drivers, and broken rides wouldn’t stop Brie and Birdie from having a great weekend together. And Brie beamed when telling Nikki about an airport surprise.


A little distance didn’t stop Bryan from pulling out all the stops for Brie on Mother’s Day, and Nikki’s Sunday didn’t go to plan after such a wild weekend with a big move after Matteo’s nap schedule was derailed and could only be fixed with donuts and cheesy puffs, which leads to a great discussion about when and where to give into toddlers.


Nikki also shares some exclusive details about her new game show with Blake Shelton and Carson Daly on USA Network and The Bellas reflect on growing up on a farm and love of Country music, Shania Twain, and Gwen Stefani. This leads Nikki & Brie to highlight some stark differences between the two of them growing up.


Closing things out on today’s episode and connecting with their country roots, Brie chooses a Dolly Parton quote for this week’s Inspiration & Affirmation.

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