48 minutes | Mar 23, 2022

Pick A Side with Nikki & Brie

It’s been quite a busy week for the Bellas, and Nikki & Brie put down the wine for something with a bit of caffeine for Opening Up this episode.

Brie’s weekend trip to see Bryan in Texas hit more than a few problems.  First Buddy was a cute travel companion but not necessarily cooperative.  Then on the way home, Brie had an awkward encounter with someone on the plane that included some assumptive accusations at cruising altitude left a lasting impression on her, and it wasn’t exactly positive.

Brie wasn’t the only Bella with an active boy that modified weekend plans.  Nikki explains how Matteo’s sleep routine caused her to panic and that things didn’t go as planned for a visit to the DWTS tour.  Then Nikki tells Brie about her new bedtime rules to get her sleep patterns under control, so she doesn’t feel exhausted all the time.

There’s also an update on Nikki’s new house!  She and Artem have a move-in date and a great plan to get Matteo comfortable with the new house immediately.  Nikki & Brie also talk about workout routines, a weakness for pastries, drinking, and food.  Just so we’re all clear, The Bellas are social eaters. 

Judge JJ his back!  He joins the show as the voice of wisdom when Nikki i& Brie debate romantic tattoos, boob jobs, taking sides after a breakup, and more.  JJ might not have been ready for how uncomfortable the conversation got for him, but please respect that all of Judge JJ’s decisions are final!

To close it out, Nikki & Brie chose an Inspiration & Affirmation that’s close to their hearts and the earth.

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