45 minutes | Mar 16, 2022

Order in the Court with Vacation JJ

This episode is 100% Bellas with no additives or preservatives!


Nikki & Brie have an extended Opening Up and then bring on their brother, JJ, for a fresh twist on the debate segment!


First, Nikki & Brie recap their Sister Sunday that featured an unexpected tasting that surprised them, and Nikki gives exclusive details on the season finale of AGT: Extreme.


Then The Bellas start discussing travel plans for an upcoming wedding, and here’s a shocker there’s a difference of opinion. One sister is about the budge, and the other is all about going bougie. Brie’s also a little hesitant to travel with Buddy on their first solo flight because he’s got so much energy, and Day Light Saving Time has worn The Bellas out. There’s also a difference in philosophy for Spring Break. Brie is going to the mountains, Nikki wants to go to the beach, and she’s been struggling to get her beach body because she’s struggling with post-Covid exhaustion.


Then Vacation JJ, Nikki & Brie’s little brother, joins the show for Judge JJ. He’ll be the final word as The Bellas debate different topics in pop culture and life, including Kim Kardashian’s comments from the Vanity Fair interview about working women, PDA’s, and ghosting. Judge JJ stands for no-nonsense, and he’s not afraid to call for order in the court!


The Bellas close out the episode with a special Inspiration & Affirmation as Nikki & Brie have chosen special quotes that mean a lot to them as they celebrate International Women’s Month.


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