45 minutes | May 4, 2022

May the 4th Be With You w/ Artem

Nikki & Brie are still basking in the afterglow of the incredible Mother’s Day special in Nashville! Nikki stayed in town for a few days to see the sights, and Brie headed off to a rowdy bachelorette party in the desert. The Bellas talk about birthday party plans for the boys, haircuts, Nikki’s updated moving plan, costumes, and getting geared up for today’s special guest, Artem!

In a galaxy very, very close to us, Artem sits in with Nikki to talk about his absolute love of all things Star Wars. Favorite characters, favorite movies, his connection to the movies on three different continents, and he also teaches Nikki a thing or two about the legendary Skywalker family. Droids, Jedis, The Force, Light Sabers, and Wookies, NOTHING is off-limits in this conversation!

Then Nikki & Artem pivot to talk about his passions: dance, cooking, and being a dad. Artem is very excited about the creative possibilities as Dancing with The Stars moves to Disney+, and he’s gearing up for a Mother’s Day surprise, the wedding, and moving into the new house; there are some things that need to be worked out, specifically in the kitchen. Artem’s workflow in the kitchen doesn’t always meet Nikki’s aesthetic, and maybe instead of his and hers sink in the bathroom; they’ll get his and hers refrigerators in the kitchen.

Artem closes out the show with a very focused Inspiration & Affirmation.

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