41 minutes | Jan 19, 2022

"Learning to Love Yourself" with Mama Bella

Nikki & Brie's mom, Kathy Laurinaitis, returns to The Bellas Podcast!


In a very special episode of the podcast, Mama Bella hops on the mic to update the Bella Army about her journey back from brain surgery, how her perspective on life has changed, what got her through the tough times, and what her.


This episode is also a celebration! As the first recipient of the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona's Woman of Courage award, Kathy tells Nikki & Brie about not giving up on making progress, maintaining confidence, and what inspires her to raise awareness and spread the word about the far-reaching impact of brain trauma, and learning to love yourself.


Then it's time to have fun when Nikki & Brie put their mom on the spot when they force her to make tough decisions having to choose between them when playing Mama in the Middle. Whose medicine cabinet is scarier? Who would she want to go on The Amazing Race with? Who would she partner up with during a zombie apocalypse? And shockingly, not every answer goes over well with Nikki & Brie.


Kathy closes out the episode with her Inspiration & Affirmation, highlighting some words of wisdom that her father that she used during days when it was tough to get out of bed.


For more on Kathy's Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona's Woman of Courage award.


Find out more on The Brian Injury Alliance of Arizona.


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