47 minutes | Nov 24, 2021

“I've Got Receipts Too!” With Tyler Cameron

Tyler Cameron joins Nikki & Brie fresh of his 26.2-mile inspirational run at the New York City Marathon at the SiriusXM studios on Manhattan to celebrate their birthday!

Make it a long pour, Nikki & Brie had a jam-packed schedule on the East Coast trip that just happens to fall on their birthday weekend for a high-energy Sister Sunday birthday weekend featuring a visit to the Drew Barrymore Show, a highly anticipated Survivor Series match between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, and great things on the horizon for the Bella Twins!

Then Nikki & Brie welcome their friend Tyler Cameron, from season 15 of The Bachelorette and second place has been pretty good to Tyler!

He tells The Bellas why that hug with his dad at the NYC Marathon meant so much, what he and his brothers are doing to celebrate the life of their mother, how his family reacted to his run on The Bachelorette, what he did to avoid camera while filming The Bachelorette, and….some really big news…Brie and Tyler are working a new project together! “The Real Dirty Dancing,” coming to Fox in 2022.

Then Tyler takes a big risk playing Never Have I Ever with Nikki & Brie. Tyler lets his guard down and tells Nikki & Brie why he turned down offers to be The Bachelor multiple times, getting interrupted at dinner for selfies, and his thoughts on Hannah Brown’s upcoming book.

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