50 minutes | May 18, 2022

Good Sides & Backsides

Nikki & Brie are back together after a weekend apart with so much to catch up on.


The Bellas kick off the show with some big updates on the Bonita Bonita Wine Club and what everyone can expect in the coming months and their goals to make a huge impact with the label.


Wait, could Nikki Bella be running for President???


Brie tells Nikki about her weekend dinner with Birdie and Bryan that didn’t quite hit the spot for


Nikki also gives Brie a complete update on her big work trip to New York City to promote her new USA series with Blake Shelton and Carson Daly, “Barmageddon,” what went into her look for a long day of press, and all the big names that she ran into over the weekend.


Something’s getting smaller, and Nikki knows exactly what it is. She breaks down her summer workout goals and what’s giving her anxiety in her new house. There’s also a discussion about the complications of bodysuits and how they approach those problems differently.


Brie reaches into The Bellas Podcast mailbag to answer some questions from the audience about love, resulting in some shocking revelations about emotions, intimacy, and their sex lives. The Bellas also answer questions on the topics of divorce, parenting, heartbreak, mental health,


Nikki & Brie close out the show with Inspiration & Affirmation with some wise words from Annicken R. Day.


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