45 minutes | Apr 20, 2022

Dancing Queens featuring Judge JJ

This week, Opening Up is the tale of two sisters.

Nikki & Brie spent the weekend apart and had VERY different experiences. Nikki tells Brie about her experience at the Neon Carnival with Artem. In a night filled with energy drinks, sake, sushi, bumper cars, and red-carpet dances, they turned heads everywhere they went.

Brie initially turned down the chance to go to the Neon Carnival, but after hearing Nikki’s stories, then she had FOMO. Brie was already a huge Shania Twain fan, and after watching videos of Shania on stage with Harry Styles, she’s now a full-on fan of Harry. So now there’s a significant chance that you see Brie at Coachella next year. Maybe in person, maybe in the Metaverse.

Then Nikki & Brie talk about special rules for celebrities, couples getaways, whiny voices, and romantic rejection.

The conversation turns to the upcoming Moms & Margaritas event in Nashville with Kristin Cavallari!

Brie also catches Nikki up on some recent developments about the environment, emissions, eliminating plastics, and small steps to help the planet heal.

The most popular judge in the history of The Bellas Podcast, Judge JJ is back to declare winners in all of the heated debates between Nikki & Brie. Shower etiquette, toilet paper procedure, and in the most contentious debate in the history of the podcast: Who is the better dancer, Nikki or Brie? Judge JJ’s decision about the dance floor dominance might shock you.

The Bellas close it out with Inspiration & Affirmation from Nikki about protecting your peace and the special reason she chose it for this week!

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