51 minutes | Mar 9, 2022

Building Up w/ Terry Crews

Nikki & Brie Open Up recapping an unbelievable Sister Sunday that included trains, wine, and messy eating. It was a much-needed Sister Sunday after an especially wild Friday morning for Brie, trying to get everyone ready for morning drop-off. And we get some insight into Brie’s recommendation that Nikki sticks to being a mother of one. Nikki also recaps her fun week co-hosting Daily Pop on E!, and just when things seem to be smooth sailing, we have a difference of opinion between Nikki & Brie over vocabulary, sentence structure, and overused phrases.


AGT: Extreme has been crushing it in the ratings, and to get us ready for the season finale, Nikki & Brie welcome this week’s special guest, Terry Crews! Terry is the host of AGT: Extreme and explains how the show started, what he loves about the acts this season, and working with Nikki.


Then Terry & The Bellas talk about Terry’s path to success, experiences that changed the way he saw himself and how he fits into the world, and recognizing when he needed help. His memoir, “Tough: My Journey to True Power,” comes out in April, and writing the book was a liberating experience for Terry. He also shares the importance of connecting with other people that have experienced trauma and owning your story.


Then the episode closes out with a beautiful Inspiration & Affirmation from Terry about courage and the beautiful things that happen when you have courage.


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