41 minutes | Apr 13, 2022

Birdie & The Brain with The Danielsons

This week it’s a family affair on The Bellas Podcast! Fashion, fun, weddings, ice cream, anniversaries, animals, and Bella Brains are just some of the many topics that Nikki & Brie cover with Birdie and Bryan on this episode!

Opening Up, Nikki Brie cover their incredible night walking the Orange Carpet and present at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, a big move that could effect Artem, some late-breaking news about celebrity engagements, and developments about Nikki’s wedding planning! And while Nicole is figuring out what she does and doesn’t want out of a wedding reception, Brie is celebrating eight years of marriage to Bryan and reflects on their relationship…and that celebration includes getting some unusual input from their first guest.

Birdie Danielson gets us started with a lightning round of questions as Nikki & Brie get to know about her summer plans, athletic activities, theories on rainbows, and dinosaur expertise! Then Birdie gives her thoughts on the fashion choices from this year’s Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards…One of The Bellas did not get a passing grade from Birdie.

Then Bryan Danielson tags in for a great conversation about 8 years of marriage, sharing an amusing story about their honeymoon and pointing out that Brie’s concept of time might not be…conventional. In a classic Bellas moment, Nikki immediately seizes the opportunity to throw her sister under the bus when it comes to anniversary gifts. It’s a moment that must be witnessed with your own ears to believe.

The rumors are true; it’s not fiction; it’s fact…Nikki & Brie have seen the messages, heard the pleas, and through sheer willpower and determination, they have brought back Bella Brains! It’s a close match, but there can only be one winner in what could be the funniest Bella Brains of all time.

To close out the episode, Nikki & Brie share a special family moment during Inspiration & Affirmation with a family tradition that’s grown over the years and might find its way to becoming a household ritual in your lives too.

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