64 minutes | Feb 13, 2024

The Official "The Dolls are the Dolls Fan Club!" with Trixie and Katya

Do you love Trixie and Katya with all your heart? Would you like to find a club of other humans who share your affinity for these two remarkable queens? Well now you can! Sign up for the official "The Dolls are the Dolls Fan Club" to join an elite group of fabulous individuals who are super-duper extra special! Exclusive membership benefits include: An official non-laminated "I'm a Doll" Membership Card that could arrive in the mail, or maybe not! An annual newsletter written not by Trixie or Katya, but by someone! A unique email forwarding address: <yourname@iliterallyhavenothingelsesopleasedontjudgeme.com>. An "I Play with Dolls" bumper sticker for when you take your kids to the local playground! And for a limited time, all "Elite Cadet" members get a lock of Katya's hair! All you have to do is send in a self-addressed, stamped-envelope with seventeen General Mills proof-of-purchases to: Dolls, LLC, PO Box 666, Aurora, CO 99991. Don't be a sad loser for another minute! Join now!

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