51 minutes | May 17, 2022

How Long Should Grief Last?

In March, a New York Times article made the rounds titled, “How Long Should It Take to Grieve? Psychiatry Has Come Up With an Answer.” And if that sentence alone makes you roll your eyes and want to punch an inanimate object, you’ve come to the right place. 

Nora read the article (twice) and had … some thoughts. So did her friend — and former TTFA guest — Brittany Freeman Jean-Louis.

Note: In this episode, Nora refers to a previous TTFA episode called “Untying Knots.” Here, she refers to it as “Untangling Knots.” Untying? Untangling? Close enough, right?


Grieving Shouldn’t Be a Privilege by Nora McInerny 

How Long Should It Take to Grieve? Psychiatry Has Come Up With An Answer by Ellen Barry

“Untying Knots” - TTFA episode featuring Britt

“What's Going to Happen to Me?” – TTFA episode featuring Britt

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