63 minutes | Apr 7, 2023

A.I. Vibe Check With Ezra Klein + Kevin Tries Phone Positivity

The New York Times Opinion columnist Ezra Klein has spent years talking to artificial intelligence researchers. Many of them feel the prospect of A.I. discovery is too sweet to ignore, regardless of the technology’s risks.

Today, Mr. Klein discusses the profound changes that an A.I.-powered world will create, how current business models are failing to meet the A.I. moment, and the steps government can take to achieve a positive A.I. future.

Also, radical acceptance of your phone addiction may just help your phone addiction.

On today’s episode:

Additional reading:

  • Ezra Klein outlined the dramatic shifts that A.I. will enable.
  • In a 2022 survey of A.I. researchers, nearly half of the respondents said that there was a 10 percent or greater chance that the long-run effect of advanced A.I. on humanity would be “extremely bad.” This year, an A.I. researcher argued that natural selection favors A.I. over humans.
  • A 2017 article in The New Yorker said that, for some, the risks of artificial intelligence are outweighed by the prospect of discovery.
  • Meghan O’Gieblyn’s book “God, Human, Animal, Machine” explores the human experience in the age of artificial intelligence.
  • The White House released a Blueprint for an A.I. Bill of Rights to guide the development of A.I. technology.
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