55 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

Things You Thought You Knew

There are topics you might think you understand, but, do you really? Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic co-host Chuck Nice investigate the differences between mass, weight, and density, why ice floats, and how much you would weigh in space. NOTE: StarTalk+ Patrons can watch or listen to this entire episode commercial-free here: https://www.startalkradio.net/show/things-you-thought-you-knew/ Thanks to our Patrons Christopher Sukhanenya, Dmitry Pugachevich, Eugenio Barrera, Dakota Clifford, Nick Mancusi, Nicholas Musial, Sebastian Roser, Bryan J. Jacop, Robert Frasco, and Obumneme Ozoh for supporting us this week. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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