45 minutes | Jun 23, 2022

82: Boy, You Just My Sneaky Link

I’m already sneaky, we can’t both be on some sneaky shit!

We’re keeping it short, sweet, and straight to the point this week - just like when you pull out your vibrator for a quick sesh. This week Sofia is solo dolo talking about ALL the important things in the world. Like the new iPhone update where you will now be able to unsend AND edit iMessages. All my shady Sloots stand up! It’s our time to shine! All my wholesome Sloots, I hope your partner is as wholesome as you because the dark days are HERE. Clearly Apple just lives for the drama because there are MANY other useful things they could’ve included in this update, but they chose violence instead. Speaking of unsending messages, Sofia gives her stance on guys who unsend DM’s on Instagram after they’ve been curved. GUYS: stand your ground! You never know when the relationship she’s in might end and she’ll be returning your message only a few months later! Finally, we have a very Slooty (but necessary) Sloot University today: HOW TO MANAGE A SNEAKY LINK. Sofia is giving the FULL guidebook on how to manage your sneaky links expectations, hours of operation, social media rules, and so much more. If only Cassie and Nate could’ve followed these guidelines, maybe they wouldn’t be public enemy number one! Sloots, we’re all for health and wellness around here, but sometimes we just have to get into the nitty gritty. It’s all about balance. 

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