64 minutes | Jun 16, 2022

81: The Roast Of Sofia Franklyn ft. My Team

It’s a full house this week Sloots! Today Sofia is joined by Sloot Media members Alex and Kiana! It’s rare to have this much of the band in one place (and in a stable mindset), so it was only right to do an honorary episode. This week we are getting a VERY inside look at the inner workings of Sloot Media. From how Sofia and Kiana’s secret love affair began (thanks to our very own Milfhunter/Ghostwriter), to how the Sloot team came to be, and some VERY honest opinions from Alex and Kiana about their boss - some of which takes her breath away live on air (and not necessarily in a good way). Aside from bursting Sofia’s bubble, the girls also take time to give their (maybe controversial) opinions on the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial. Finally, for our most philosophical Sloot University yet, these three geniuses discuss how to TRULY live a happy life - even if that means being living in complete delusions of grandeur. Hey, we do what we gotta do to survive right? If you ever wanted to know what goes on behind closed doors at the Sloot offices, look no further and DEFINITELY brace yourselves. 

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