53 minutes | Jun 9, 2022

80: The Groupie Guidebook ft. Aliza

She said Ye can we get married at the malllll?

He said no, but he WILL be your New Years kiss. Well maybe not you, but definitely Aliza’s. Today Sofia is joined by internet sensation Aliza who gained overnight fame from her infamous No Jumper interview in 2021. Yes, THAT interview - you know the one. Aliza joined Sofia in New York City to give us ALL the tea on our favorite rappers and athletes. With both Kanye West AND Drake having her number blocked, you can only IMAGINE what else Aliza is about to spill…like that time Trey Songz peed on her. With Sofia enamored (jealous) by Aliza’s reality show-esque lifestyle, not only are we told never-before-heard stories, but we were also graced with a special guidebook on how you too can make some memories that you DEFINITELY won’t want your kids to know about. This weeks Sloot University Aliza puts her Slooty school girl outfit on and gives us the lowdown on everything you need to know. From how to get flown out, which cities are best for meeting up with celebrities, ways to ensure your safety, and even some of Aliza’s own personal horror stories so that you can learn from them. Finally, Aliza tells us about her life-threatening experience with a botched BBL surgery and gives a special PSA about cosmetic surgery to all the Sloots. If you thought Sofia is the girl you should be weary about bringing home to your parents, we may have found a Sloot to one up her. 

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